Uninterestingness - interactive video installation.

This installation was my first final project for the IDMI at Brooklyn Polytechnic University. It displays eight slotwheels on eight screens in an exhibition space. The faces of the slotwheels have flickr images on them, which are pulled in realtime from the internet. Visitors activate the slotwheels by walking through the room and approaching the screens, tracked by a video camera on the ceiling. The flickr images are sorted in reverse order of interestingness. By activating a wheel visitors can chose one favorite wheel which will then send related search tags to the internet and lookup new images.

Background for the project was the idea of Dérive ("drift"), originating from the French philosopher and Situationist Guy Debord. It is a concept meaning an aimless walk, probably through city streets, that follows the whim of the moment.

Short video sequence from the presentation (mostly Josh Goldberg, my teacher talking).

Uninterestingness from marius schebella on Vimeo.

Another Picture from the presentation